Monstress Productions is a studio based in Brooklyn, NY. Established as a zine label in 1997, it has grown to encompass all of our pursuits: education, art and design.


Altogether, we have over 12 years experience in interactive and graphic design. That means we can design interfaces for iPad, smart phones, web or kiosk, as well as create print pieces. We are adept at information architecture, able to create work that will be printed a wide variety of ways, and willing to learn anything new you might throw our way.


Libby Clarke is the designer, janitor, hockey coach and general handy woman of the operation.

Genny Neice contributes hand-wrought type and illustrations.


We wrote the first version of this over ten years ago. It has proven to be alternately inspiring and annoying as we have progressed through various phases of our careers. We have prepared it as a business card-sized printout that you can download if you like.



Heart on a String